Why EPM FastTrack?

EPM Fasttrack provides the very best in financial reporting optimisation through enhanced system integration between SAP and your financial reporting software.

     i.    Increased automation of finance reporting process
     ii.   Minimising of errors
     iii.  Automated account reconciliation
     iv.   Faster financial reporting process
     v.    Reducing time-consuming and manual procedures which increase the risk of error

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Product Features

Real Time Translation and Validation

  • Compile data for Oracle Hyperion directly in SAP.

Increased Scope of Data

  • Data available is not restricted by adaptors.

Business Ownership of Mapping and Validation Rules

  • No longer reliant on SAP resources to access data.


  • Period close reconciliation automated and minimised.

Audit Trail and Visibility

  • Provenance of data down to transaction level.

Enhanced Trust in Data

  • Greater trust and acceptance of the data by all users.

Product Functionality

Simple Environment Set Up

  • Simple and intuitive drag drop functionality enables the Oracle Hyperion environment to be rapidly configured in EPM FastTrack.

  • Key Oracle Hyperion hierarchies, characteristics and associated master data are easily created within SAP.

Easy to use Account Mapping Tool

  • The combination of the Excel upload tool, the automated account generation tool, and an Intuitive ‘Drag Drop’ functionality allows for the efficient set-up of the Oracle Hyperion accounts in SAP.

User-friendly Derivation Rules

  • The Derivation Rules are easily designed and maintained in EPM FastTrack, with even the most complicated of requirements readily handled.

Cross Validation Rules

  • The Cross Validation rules in EPM FastTrack ensure data integrity.
  • Intuitive ‘Traffic Light’ workbench highlights mapping status.

File Extractor templates

  • A fully configurable File Extractor Engine with pre-configured Oracle Hyperion templates.
  • Integrate the output to Oracle Hyperion.

Fast Period End Close for the SAP Hyperion Environment

  • Reconciliation issues between the SAP source and Oracle Hyperion destination are eliminated.
  • Late posting journals issues minimised.
  • Oracle Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM) and Oracle Hyperion data is identical to the data in SAP. This allows users to prove data provenance down to the underlying transactions.

​Real Time Hyperion Posting in SAP

  • Hyperion Coding Block is fully derived and validated in real-time within SAP.
  • Hyperion Accounting Document is visible within standard Accounting Document display.
  • The Extended Hyperion Document display allows users to view the Oracle Hyperion specific characteristics, and to drill down to the underlying Derivation Rules.