Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker (SBD) is a global provider of power and hand tools, mechanical access solutions, and electronic security and monitoring systems. Turning over more than $10b and employing more than 44,000 people, SBD have deployed the SAP ERP and Oracle Hyperion systems globally across the business.

SBD process before implementation of EPM FastTrack

The SBD process for loading SAP data into FDM before the implementation of EPM FastTrack was very manual and gave rise to three key areas of concern:

  • Time  taken to submit information to Hyperion was slow.
  • Reconciliation between SAP / Hyperion planning and BW was poor.
  • Accuracy of data due to the Hyperion characteristics being incorrectly derived.

SBD were looking for the following improvements in the Period End process:

  • Speeding up of Hyperion submissions.
  • The elimination of reconciliation issues between SAP and Hyperion planning.
  • Improved accuracy of data with Hyperion characteristics being correctly derived.
  • The Decentralisation of the submission process out to the countries.
  • The Enhanced Visibility of how Hyperion numbers have been derived.
  • New reports to significantly improve quality & efficiency of work within finance.
  • A fast implementation.

SBD process after implementation of EPM FastTrack

Benefits to SBD of EPM FastTrack

Period End Close improved:

  • Hyperion Planning characteristics are derived and validated for every SAP transaction in ‘Real Time’.
  • No reconciliation effort at Period End.
  • No data preparation required.
  • File extract for FDM takes 5 minutes for all EMEA entities (previously 3-4 hours).
  • SAP Control reports improve efficiency.
  • SBD are now saving 20 man days at Period End Close.
  • FDM file load process has been decentralised to the Asian countries.
  • Consistent process across all countries for Hyperion submissions.
  • Hyperion users who don’t know SAP can see familiar Hyperion characteristics in SAP.
  • Easy to build reports that combine SAP, and Hyperion Planning characteristics.

Rich SAP data set allowed for complex mappings rules to be handled.
No lengthy development cycles.

  • Initial mapping rules took 12 days to put together.
  • Go Live in 7 weeks.
  • Real Time for GB and IE Markets 4 weeks.
  • All European Company Codes rolled out in 3 Months.
  • All Asian Company Codes rolled out in 2 months.
  • Development would be in excess of 15 months.

Easy to bring new companies on line.
Easy to identify and rectify mapping issues.

Period End ‘Fast Close’

SBD have now realised the meaning of a Period End ‘Fast Close’ within a SAP Hyperion environment. Not only have they been able to improve their business processes, they have managed to save 20 man days at each Period End from having implemented EPM FastTrack.